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Alternative Report on the UN CRC (HUNGARY)

2019. november 22. 12:40

Alternative Report on the UN CRC (HUNGARY) on behalf of the Child Rights NGO Coalition:
Association of European Parents in Hungary (ESZME), Chances for Children Association (GYERE), Children’s Rights Subcommittee – Korczak Committee (Hungarian Pedagogical Association), Children’s Rights Society of ELTE, Civil Liberties Union Hungary, European Roma Rights Center, Family Child Youth Association, Hintalovon Child Rights Foundation, Hungarian Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Kék Vonal Child Crisis Foundation, National Federation of Associations of Persons with Physical Disabilities (MEOSZ), Menedék – Hungarian Association for Migrants, Pressley Ridge Hungary Foundation, Real Pearl Foundation, Rosa Parks Foundation, Terres des hommes Foundation, UNICEF National Committee for Hungary, Validity Foundation,
and individual experts Agnes De Coll, Fanni Mátyók, Fanni Murányi, Anita Rozália Nagy-Nádasdi, Andrea Toma, Edina Tordai.
Edited by Agnes Lux.
Proofread by Lisa Nóvé.

The report outlined below is based on regular consultations among the participating organizations within the framework of the Child Rights NGO Coalition. The Child Rights NGO Coalition on the Rights of the Child was founded on the initiative of the UNICEF National Committee for Hungary in 2015. The aim of the professional forum is to promote communication and active cooperation between nongovernmental organizations and experts working on child protection and child rights advocacy. www.unicef.hu/gyermekjogi-koalicio